The name Fukapi? We honestly are just as perplexed as you are, however the unusual name embodies our brand perfectly! Throughout our young lives, we have always been passionate about finding a way to make a difference through entrepreneurship. We have carried the entrepreneurial spirit over to Fukapi to save an Okapi one piece of clothing at a time! 

So, we came up with the name Fukapi: a beautiful combination of the entrepreneurial spirit present within all of us with the graceful Okapi. This journey began the exact moment when our passion became fueled by purpose. Identifying a need, along with a specific demographic has helped bring our brand to life. Our clothing allows consumers to dress “comfortably and consciously”. As the only living relative of the giraffe, the Okapi, are deemed, “living fossils”. Their majestic nature is unmatched, making them one of the most unique animals on the endangered species list. With every purchase from the Okapi - The Collection, you’ll help save the Okapi by directly benefiting conservation efforts. 


Our clothing brand is dedicated to providing individuals with comfortable, luxurious clothing at a modest price in an industry bound together by conformity and outrageous prices. At Fukapi, we value your patronage and recognize the demand for quality assured products. Our approach of merging quality and modest prices are nearly as rare as the Okapi itself!