Travel Guide






Santorini, Greece

Walk the volcanic sand beaches of Santorini, Greece, alongside towering cliffs full of winding villages. Later, you can enjoy the sunset from a stunning view above the iconic domed, white buildings that contrast with the glistening blue waters of the Aegean sea.

Our Clearwater - Crew Neck is perfect for a day touring the island while it’s color matches the atmosphere and is breathable enough to feel the ocean breeze. Pair with shorts and your favorite walking shoes for an amazing experience in Santorini!








London, UK

London, what a spectacular place to visit. Visiting world-renowned places that were only seen in textbooks was an unbelievable experience.

Walking along the River Thames to visit the London Eye and Tower Bridge was definitely one of the best— especially since it was the most packed with tourists. Of course, we couldn’t just show up and not look our best as well.

We chose our White - Polo Luxè to wear on that day, and boy are we glad we did. An essential in the fashion of London.








Dubai, UAE

A shocking city in the middle of a desert holding the world’s tallest building. Visiting here was breathtaking. Riding on the sand dunes for one day and then being deep in the city the other. How can two vastly different worlds feel so united at the same time?

Eating the local food and breathing the local air was an experience I will never forget. Visiting Dubai Mall was also an experience of a lifetime. The aquarium, the sweet shop, and the cinema- absolutely breathtaking. Did you know that it’s the largest mall in the world? And the fact that it has the largest indoor aquarium? We can go on and on about the facts. Each and every day was amazing, and wearing our Evening Blue - San Blas Polo only made the experience better.










New York, USA

New York— the city where business meets pleasure. Get into the hustle and bustle of the big city’s busy streets while enjoying the unique sights along the way. Walk the Brooklyn bridge for an astonishing city view, or find the perfect rooftop in Manhattan for that unforgettable skyline view.

At night, enjoy the mix of bright lights and sounds from Times Square, where you can buy a ticket to your favorite broadway show. Wear our Gunmetal - Polo Damier for the perfect business look with a New York flare.