Fukapi’s guide to men’s fashion



Keep it simple

Less is more. In the age of overabundance and an excess of clothing, it’s important to get rid of clothes that don’t fit, are damaged, or out of style. Classic white polos, Black crew necks, and other Fukapi clothing can help reenergize a man’s closet. Simple neutral tones such as whites, blacks, and a few accent shades can help get ready in the morning.

Have a personal style

First impressions matter! Walking in through that door of a new job or new business, the first priority is making everyone’s head turn. An outfit stands as the first piece of personal branding a person encounters. The Polo San Blas in Evening Blue offers a navy and white horizontal stripe that exhibits a casual yet bold look.

Add color 

While it’s okay to love a simple palette with blacks and blues and grays, it’s also okay to incorporate some vibrancy into an outfit. Surprise people every now and then by mixing in a pop of color! The Polo Luxé in Quetzal Green is one way to add some color while keeping it business casual. The Classic Polo in Lilac stylishly adds some pastel lilac in a day-to-day outfit. However, overloading various values on one outfit won’t work. Pair bright tones with simple coordinating pieces such as black pants or jeans.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to be honest. However, if you are a person that is “honestly” a fashion disaster, then consider these tips. Remember to tone it down a notch with simple neutral tones and pieces in certain situations such as a business meeting or an interview. But for a vacation out on a beach? Be vibrant! Show off with patterns, but balance out the hues with simple earth tones such as tan and brown or monochrome shades such as black, white and gray. 

Experiment with what personal brand you’d want to show exhibit. Your style should be an extension of yourself.

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